The need to carry out broader and more thorough research using scanning electron microscopes gives birth to the need for developing a new class of low-cost, small-sized instruments with plenty of measurement capabilities. A new technical solution in this respect are advanced desktop SEMs, characterized by a number of metrological parameter advantages. This work is focused on presenting recent solutions in the field of electron microscopy as potentially new and effective measurement techniques that may be widely used in various fields of modern science and technology. The Authors analyzed the possibility of using modern desktop SEM Phenom G2 Pro by Phenom-World for observation and analysis of abrasive tools’ surfaces. A number of small-sized grinding wheels with ceramic bond were used in the experimental tests. The condition of the active surfaces of these grinding wheels was thoroughly analyzed using the dedicated Phenom™ Pro Suite software. The results obtained prove the possible application of the suggested microscopic technique in the broader diagnostics of abrasive tools.