This paper proposes to evaluate and characterize the damage produced by electrochemical corrosion in AISI/SAE 1045 medium carbon steel surfaces, modified with titanium and titanium+nitrogen ions by three-dimensional ion implantation technique. By means of electrochemical tests such as linear polarization resistance, potentiodynamic polarization, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; it was quantified and compared the performance of non-implanted and implanted samples against electrochemical corrosion. From the results, it was found a considerable improvement in the performance of the surface-modified ferrous alloy in comparison with bare specimens. The degradation occurred after exposition in the saline environment was reduced up to in terms of mass-loss or corrosion rates. Likewise, the inspection of the state and composition of AISI/SAE 1045 medium carbon steel microstructure, after the surface modification and chemical attack, by microscopy and spectroscopy characterization techniques, supported the findings in the electrochemical analysis and validated the favorable effect of the ion implantation technique as a method of protection against electrochemical corrosion, reducing the damage from the electrolyte and formation of corrosion products