Porcine follicular fluid (pFF) contains biochemical compositions that are essential for follicle growth process. It is known that components and concentrations in pFF are different among small, medium, and large follicles, resulting in different microenvironments. Previously, we reported that pFF from all size follicles can promote growth of Vero and HeLa cells in vitro. In this study, impacts of small, medium, and large pFFs on LLC-MK2 cell viability and morphology were studied at different total protein concentrations using MTT assay and inverted microscopy. It was found that cell viability and morphology of LLC-MK2 differed from those of Vero and HeLa cells, in supplementation with pFFs from both different size follicles and different total protein concentrations. This implied that different microenvironments of pFFs from different size follicles and protein concentrations have different growth impacts on each cell line.