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Electrosynthesis of RhPd Nanoparticles and Electrocatalytic Activity in the Oxidation of Methanol

Mary Bullón, Maraid Sosa, Caribay Urbina, Gilberto Jorge, José D. Martínez

1-10 |

Dissolving Behavior of Large Dendritic Precipitates in V-Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steels

G. Basanta, A. L. Rivas, E. Diaz, C. Parra, Costa E. Silva

11-17 |

Electrochemical Study of Lithium Ion Cells Using LiMn2O4 as the Cathode and Carbon Nanotubes as the Anode for Different Binder Combinations

J. Mindiola, Y. F. Balladores, E. V. Plaza, J. E. Arévalo-Fester, R. Atencio, L. Atencio

18-30 |

Evolution of Glass Ionomer Cements Biocompatibility vs Cytotoxicity

Maricela Ortiz, Dulce Olvera, Jose Reyes

19-31 |