A simple method of Analyzing Lipid Droplets combining Oil Red O Staining and Confocal Microscopy

Kelly G Lima, L L Xavier, A R Cappellari, F B Morrone, V. G. S. Levorse, E C Filippi-Chiela, M. C R Garcia, M. V F Donadio, A Wieck, J R Oliveira

01-09 |

Pharmacological Assessment of a Hialuronan Jelly to Wound Healing

L Oruña, E Lauzan, G M Coto, L Coto, G Lago, P Barzaga

21-31 |

Ultrastructure changes in BMP-2-treated SHED cultured on glycerol preserved human amniotic membrane

Z Faizuddin Osman, W Zahari, T P Kannan, K B A Amin Noordin

32-39 |