Microscopic Analysis of Sheet Metal Forming Operations

José Joaquim Gracio

1-16 |

Electron Microscopy and Catalytical Studies of Platinum Particles Supported in Zinc Aluminate

Dwight R. Acosta, Miguel A. Valenzuela, Pedro Bosch

17-23 |

Failure Analysis of Fixation Devices Used in Broken Bones

Mariana H. Staia, Julio C. Machado, Eli S. Puchi, Sonia Camero, Rafael Paiva

25-30 |

Ultrastructural Effects of Gossypol Acetic Acid on Mouse Epididymis

Shyamal K. Majumdar, Douglas L. Wicks

31-40 |

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Lectin Binding on the Epididymal Spermatozoa of Cat (Felis catus)

H. K. Bains, G. Werner, M. P. Bansal, S R Bawa

51-65 |

Hepatocyte Ultrastructure in the Bovine Paraplegic Syndrome

Hector J. Finol, Henry Rivera, Aaram Marquez

67-72 |

Neuromuscular Junction Alterations in Patients with A.I.D.S

Luis G Cuello, Miguel E. Quiñones, Hector J Finol, Aaram Márquez, Raúl Suárez Chacón, Milagros Gómez

73-77 |

Ultrastructural Study of the Follicular Epithelium in Oocytes of Neopeonera villosa Ants (Hymenoptera: Ponerinae)

Maria Izabel Camargo-Mathias, Flavio Henrique Caetano

79-85 |