INVITED REVIEW The Hydrogenosome

Marlene Benchimol

1-22 |

Repopulation and Maturation of Guinea Pig Mesentery Mast Cells:A Light and Electrón Microscopio Study

Ericson K Gongalves, Ithamar Vugman, Constance Oliver, María Celia Jamur

33-39 |

Microstructural Properties of Laser Ablated Ba05Sr05TiO3 Ferroelectric Films

G. A. Hirata, J. McKittrick, S Horiuchi

40-46 |

Study and Characterization of the Substrate and Thin Film of the ZxQ2-N2QJk\2Q2 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

M. Reyes-Reyes, J. Reyes-Gasga, Jong-Wan Park, You-Kee Lee

48-50 |