Clay Mineral Characterization in Kaolins and Ball Clays from Santa Catarina

S. P. Toledo, H. Souza Santos, P. Souza santos

1-12 |

The Contribution of Ultra-Fine Milling for the Microstructure and Density of the Doped Barium Hexaferrite Sintered Dises

V. R. Caffarena, A. J.O. Cabral, L. M.M. Tavares, T. Owasawara

13-16 |

Effect of Widmanstätten Particles on the Flow Behavior of Dúplex Stainless Steels at High Temperatures

M. E.F. Napoleão, C. C.M. Decarli, O. Balancin

17-22 |

Effects of Quartz on Wall Tile Mechanical Properties and Microstructure

R. T. Zauberas, H. G. Riella

23-24 |

Electrón Microscopy Studies Of VPO and New NbPO-VPO Catalyst

A.M. D. Farias, J. G. Eon, M. Aouine, P. G. Pries de Oliveira, W. A. González

27-30 |

Fatigue Crack Initiation on Plasma Ion Nitrided Steel with and Without Hydrogen

M. A. Zampronio, P. E.V. de Miranda, O. Bartier, D. Chicot, L. Lesage

31-36 |

Grain Boundary Precipitation in an Fe-28Mn-8AI-1C-1.25Si Alloy

E. M. Silva, O. Acselrad, I. S. Kalashnikov, R. A. Simäo, C. A. Achete

37-41 |

Investigation of the Nitrided Layers in Ductile Iron

L. C. Casteletti, E. A.B. Arnoni, R. Nucci, C. A. Soufen

43-48 |

Niobium for Biomedical Applications: in Vitro Evaluation

M. S. Sader, M. A. Carvalho, M. C. de Andrade, G. A. Soares

49-50 |

Petrography and Mineralogy of the Morro de La Mina Meteorite

L. L. Antonello, R. B. Scorzelli, I. S. Azevedo, M. E. Zucolotto, M. F. Lopes

53-55 |

Phase Transformation in Heat Resistant Steels Observed by Stem (NbTi)C - NiNbSi (G-Phase)

Andre Freitas Ribeiro, Rogerio Marques Tavares Borges, Luiz Henrique de Almeida

65-70 |

Sulfide Precipitation During Hot Strip Mili of an if Steel

W. Regone, A.M. Jorge Junior, O. Balancín

71-73 |

Surface Investigation of Gold Coated Ear Piercings by Scanning Electron Microscopy

Isolda Costa, Olandir V. Correa, Sizue O. Rogero, Mitiko Saiki

81-84 |

Porous and dense poly (L-lactic acid) membranes: in vitro degradation

S. H. Barbanti, C. A. C. Zavaglia, A. R. Duek

85-87 |

Quantitative Fractography of Profiles By Digital Image Processing: Analysis Of TÍ-4AI-4V at Different Microstructural Conditions

Ana Lucia Horovistiz, Luciano M.F. Ribeiro, Kamila A. Campos, Giaucío A. Jesuino, Luis Rogeiro Hein

65-70 |

TEM Characterization of ZnO - Bi2O3- Sb2O3 - CoO Ceramics Obtained by Combustion Process

K. C. Sousa, A. M. Segadáes, M. R. Morelli, R,H. G.A. Kiminami

81-84 |