Automatic leukemia diagnosis

D. M.U. Sabino, L. F. Costa, S. L.R. Martins, R. T. Calado, M. A. Zago

1-6 |

Pollen morphology of Cayaponia Silva Manso (Cucurbitaceae) Brazilian species

Cynthia Fernandes Pinto da Luz, Ortrud Monika Barth, Vera Lúcia Gomes-KIein

7-12 |

Osteoblast Adhesión onto Titanium Dental Implants

G. C. Menezes, C. N. Elias, M. Attias, Silva -Filh

13-20 |

Ontogeny of the orbicules Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hil. (Aquifoliaceae)

Rinaldo Pires dos Santos, Jorge Ernesto de Araujo Mariath

21-26 |

Ultrastructure of the Columnar Epithelial Cell Along the Midgut of the Diatraea saccharalis (Lep¡doptera: Pyralidae) Larvae

Daniela de Oliveira Pinheiro, Elisa Aparecida Gregorio

27-30 |

Deposition of the Eggshell Layers in the Sugar Cañe Borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae): Ultrastructural Aspects

Daniela Carvalho dos Santos, Elisa Aparecida Gregorio

37-42 |

Cellular Viability and Apoptosis of Human Breast Cancer MDAMB-231 Cell Line After Co60 Irradiation

L. M. Andrade, M. F. Leite, A. M. Goes, T.P. R. Campos

43-49 |

Image Analysis and 3D Reconstruction: An Innovating Methodology in Microscopy

R. Cabado, G. M. Machado-Santelli

55-58 |

Hemocytes of Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae: morphological and quantitative studies

Fábio Goulart de Andrade, María Cláudia Cordeiro de Negreiro, Elisa A. Gregorio, Flávio Moscardi, Ángela María Ferreira Falleiros

59-64 |

Mucilage Pockets in Cotiledon Tissue of Theobroma speciosum

M. Helena Martini, Camila G. Lenci, Débora Q. Tavares

56-70 |

A Procedure for SPM Tip Recovery

C. A.R. Costa, E. Radovanovic, E. Teixeira-Neto, M. C. Goncalves, F. Galembeck

71-76 |

Intermetallic Compounds In The Al-Si-Cu System

C. Triveño Rios, R. Caram, W. J. Botta F, C. S. Kiminam, C. Bolfarini

77-82 |

The importance of Si3N4 characterization by SEM at the different sintering stages

C. Santos, S. Ribeiro, K. Strecker, L.E.G. da Silva

83-86 |

The Morphology And Distribution Of Cobalt Clusters On Au (111)

E.L. Almeida, R.A. Simáo, R.F. Selbach, S.L. Díaz, O.R. Mattos

87-90 |

Morphological Characteristics of AI2O3/Mullite/SiC Powders from Microwave Carbothermal Reduction Reaction

Elias Fagury-Neto, Walter Aparecido Mariano, Ruth Hería Goldschmidt Aliaga Kiminami

91-94 |

Morphology of a zinc layer electrodeposited on steel using an Electroplating Cell

F. Silva Filho, M.S. Andrade, V. F.C. Lins

95-98 |

Stainless Shape Memory Alloys Microstructure Analysis by Optical Microscopy Using Different Etchants

Fabiana C. Nascimento, Flávio V. Sorrila, Jorge Otubo, Paulo R. Mei

99-102 |

Analysis and Characterization Of Ceramic Re-Covering With Polymeric Materials

Fernanda Checchinato, Cristiane Nunes Lopes, Juan Cario Pokrywieck, Ricardo Antonio Francisco Machado, Humberto Gracher Riella

103-106 |

Atomic Force Microscopy - Scanning Electron Microscopy: comparative evaluation on solid surfaces

Gelsa Edith Englert, A. de León, F. Tessele, C. Locatelli

107-110 |

The Occurrence of Laves Phase in Fe-15%Cr-15%Ni Austenitic Stainless Steels Containing Niobium

Izabel Fernanda Machado, Angelo Fernando Padilha

111-114 |

Surface Morphology and Chemical Composition of Thermally Prepared (RuO2)x(Ta2O5)y/Ti Coatings

J. Ribeiro, A. R. de Andrade, C. A. S. Bento, G. Tremiliosi-Filho

115-120 |

Determination of Grain Size Distribution in Niobium Using an Image Analysis Routine

Jefferson F.C. Lins, Hugo R.Z. Sandim, Rosinei B. Ribeiro, Andró L. Pinto

121-124 |

Morphology Of PVDF, P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymers, And PVDF/P(VDF-TrFE) Blends

Larissa M.P. Pinheiro, Matheus R. Chaud, Pedro A.P. Nascente, Rínaldo Gregorio Jr.

125-130 |

Microstructural analysis of clay ceramics by SEM

L.E.G. Silva, S. Ribeiro

131-134 |

Analysis of Scales Formed During Air Oxidation of Co-Ta Alloys at 800°C

M. Castro-Rebello, I. J. Sayeg, J. A.S. Tenório, S. Wolynec

135-140 |

Characterization of Li2FeS2 from Li/FeS2 Electrochemical Systems

María José P. Vieira, Mirna T.C. Rupp, Adriano A.C. Villanova, Hélio M. Kohler

141-144 |

Influence of lanthanides and thermal treatments on the morphology of Pd supported catalysts for methane combustion

Marco A. Fraga, Lucia G. Appel, M. Fatima S. Lopes, M. Conceicao Greca

145-148 |

Image Restoration in Optical-Sectioning Microscopy Using Projections onto Convex Sets

M. R.P. Homem, N. D.A. Mascarenhas, L. da F. Costa

149-154 |

Evaluation of the Effect of Cooling Speed on the Layer Formation on Stainless Steel by Plasma Carbonitriding

Leonardo C. Gontijo, Rogério Machado, Luiz C. Casteletti, Pedro A.P. Nascente

155-158 |

Microstructure of Coatings Obtained by High Velocity Oxygen- Fuel Spraying (HVOF)

P. H. Suegama, C. S. Fugivara, A. V. Benedetti, J. Fernández, J. Delgado, J. M. Guilemany

159-164 |

Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on the Different Substrates - A SEM Analyses

Regina María Puppin-Rontani, Angela Scarparo Caldo-Teixeira

169-174 |

Investigation of the Surface Morphology of Plasticized Cornstarch Films

R. M.S.M. Thiré, R. A. Simáo, C. T. Andrade

175-180 |

Morphological Characterization of Wear Surface in Ceramics Composites Si3N4-SiC(W)

Sandro A. Baldacim, Olivério M.M. Silva, Cosme R.M. Silva, José M.R. Gomes

181-184 |

TEM Evaluation of Interface of SiC-Whiskers-Reinforced Si3N4

Sandro A. Baldacim, Olivério M.M. Silva, Cosme R.M. Silva

185-188 |

Comparison Between Epitaxial Layers grown by Hot Wall Epitaxy and Flash Evaporation

Sonia Guimaráes, Sabrina de C.F. da Silva, Joáo M.K. de Assis

189-194 |

SEM Characterization of Hydrogenated Nickel

S. S.M. Tavares, A. Lafuente, S. Miraglia, D. Fruchart, B. Lambert, S. Pairis

195-198 |

The Effect of Copper Oxide Addition on Sintering, Microstructure and Mechanicai Properties of Ba2HoSbO6 Ceramics

Y. P. Yadava, R. A. Sanguinetti Ferreira, J. V. Barros, E. Montarroyos, J. M. Ferreira, J. Albino Aguiar

199-204 |

Scanning Electrón Microscopy as a Tool for the Evaluation of Collagen Lattices

A. O. Paggiaro, F. Kamamoto, A. C.D. Rodas, M. B. Mathor, M. R. Herson, M. C. Ferreira

205-208 |